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Boys and Girls Club of America

What truly defines a man is what he does with all that he has been given. When success finds you, do you share with others the fruits of your labor, or hoard it all for yourself? This is a question we must all ask ourselves and one that Gary Blonder has made it a point to answer time and again. Throughout all of his years working hard as a successful entrepreneur he has made it a point to share his success with others by donating both financially and through volunteer work. As his businesses have grown and prospered over the years so too has the amount of his charity work and philanthropic donations. An organization that he has been especially involved with is the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America is a foundation that promotes education and success in our youth. Each individual club provides programs to the local youth in order to teach children the skills they will need later in life. With focuses on education this foundation has sought to bring down the staggering high school dropout rates by offering academic assistance to the children in their programs. In addition this program also focuses on teaching leadership skills and character building in order that these children learn how to be a success in their own lives and in society.

Gary Blonder’s involvement with this amazing organization began 20 years ago. With a heart for children and a desire to see them prosper the Boys and Girls Clubs of America was an organization he felt compelled to get involved in. He has provided countless financial donations in order to support his local Boys and Girls Clubs. These donations have helped to provide the clubs with the tools they need to support these young people. Without donations to support them the Boys and Girls Clubs of America would be unable to help the vast number of children in their programs, and certainly not to the extent they have made themselves known for.

In addition to financial donations Mr. Blonder has volunteered at numerous fundraising events in order to raise money for these clubs. By volunteering his time and resources he has been able to help assist in numerous fundraisers. The money raised at these events has supported not only his local Boys and Girls Clubs but ones all over the country. Without volunteers these fundraiser simply could not occur and with such a passion for youth Mr. Blonder made it his mission to help in any way that he could.

Gary Blonder has worked tirelessly to make himself a success and has prospered in doing so. What sets him apart from so many other prosperous entrepreneurs is his dedication to giving back. The Boys and Girls Clubs of America is only one of the many charitable organizations that he supports. After 20 years of working alongside this organization Gary Blonder has proven his love for our youth and his determination to see them succeed in life. The measure of a man can be determined in how he treats others, and Mr. Blonder has proven himself by continuously giving back to his community.

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