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Darrell Gwynn Foundation Donations

Gary Blonder is an entrepreneur who has worked hard in order to promote his own success. With years of dedication and hard work his businesses are thriving. His success wasn’t immediate but his perseverance was unwavering and served as the foundation of prosperity. Throughout his years as an entrepreneur he has always been one to give back to others. Mr. Blonder has made it his mission to regularly donate to causes and organizations that seek to help those in need. One of the many organizations he has regularly donated to is the Darrell Gwynn Foundation.

The Darrell Gwynn Foundation was started by race car driver Darrell Gwynn. During his years as a race car driver in the 1980’s he repeatedly donated a portion of his winnings to the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. Even then he was determined to help find a cure for paralysis. In 1990 he was in a race car accident that resulted in his own paralysis. Instead of letting it destroy him, he rose up and started the Darrell Gwynn Foundation. This foundation works to support those who suffer from paralysis and other spinal cord injuries. They also seek to prevent spinal cord injuries by educating the public. What they are especially known for is providing those in need with power and manual wheelchairs.

Not only was Mr. Blonder moved by the story behind this foundation he especially respected their business practices. The Darrell Gwynn Foundation has made it their mission to ensure that the donations they receive go to support those in need. Many organizations like the Darrel Gwynn Foundation make a profit off their donations and have multi-million dollar CEOs supported by those donations. When Darrell Gwynn began this foundation he was determined that all proceeds directly to supporting those who suffer from paralysis and support paralysis research. The cause behind the foundation touched Mr. Blonder but their integrity as a charitable organization convinced him this was a cause worthy of supporting.

Over the years Mr. Blonder has supported the Darrell Gwynn Foundation not only with monetary donations but also auction item donations. The foundation regularly holds fund raisers and at many of these an auction is held. Individuals and companies alike donate items that can be auctioned off and the proceeds go directly to the foundation. Mr. Blonder on multiple occasions has provided items that could be auctioned such as a paid in full cruise vacation. He has also made specific donations in order to provide young children with spinal cord injuries with much needed wheel chairs.

At heart Gary Blonder is a generous man who has sought to bless others. In his eyes success is a responsibility that must be managed and shared. When he set out to be an entrepreneur he was dedicated to remaining generous through donations and community involvement and he has done just that. Success can change a person and not always for the good. In the case of Gary Blonder he was changed, but for the better. His success allowed him to give in amounts he couldn’t have dreamed of and he continues to do so to this day.

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