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American Lung Association Donations

Success has a way of showing the true character of a man. Many, when success knocks on their door, are carried away by it, forgetting the people who supported them on their journey. A truly great man will share the fruits of his labor with others. Gary Blonder is a man when success came his way, determined to share it. As a self-made man and entrepreneur, he dedicated himself to giving back to his community. After years of hard work his businesses have thrived and yet his devotion to philanthropy has not wavered.  Instead of allowing success to change him he grew even more resolute to support the causes dear to his heart.

The American Lung Association is one of the many organizations that Mr. Blonder has sought to support. This organization has made it their mission to promote lung health and prevent lung disease. They conduct vital research on lung disease and lung cancer seeking to find new treatments and eventually cure. Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer in men and women and the research they do has greatly improved the way lung cancer is treated. In addition, they are working to improve air quality, eliminate tobacco use and the diseases it causes, and provide the public with education on lung health. The American Lung Association is well known for their transparent business practices. With a history of integrity they have worked hard to ensure that all donations they receive go directly to the specific causes they were for.

Mr. Blonder on numerous occasions has donated money in order to further the research and education efforts of the American Lung Association. In addition to his monetary donations he has also provided them with items they can auction at their fundraising events. One such event was the 2nd Annual Oxygen Ball in Florida. At this ball companies gather together in support of the American Lung Association. They host an auction that allows all those who attend to bid on the items. Each item in the auction is donated, often by companies. The items donated are services the company provides or items they create. In Mr. Blonder’s case he was able to donate an all paid for cruise vacation. The funds raised through the auction then go directly to the American Lung Association. The Oxygen Ball was only one of many fundraisers that Mr. Blonder has attended in support of this amazing organization. Over the years as his businesses have grown more successful so have his donations to the American Lung Association.

After working for years to see his businesses succeed Gary Blonder is reaping his reward, all the while sharing it with organizations such as the American Lung Association. Instead of hoarding his success like so many do, he made it his mission to pass it on to others. This organization is only one of many that he supports, not to mention the work he does for his local community. When success knocked on Gary Blonder’s door, he answered with a smile on his face and a heart ready to give.

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